Novel Dive and Travel's Incentive Packages

Our objective is to provide a management platform for:

  • Rewarding Incentives
  • Motivational Marketing
  • International sales conferencing
  • Tailor-made, specialised overseas holidays

We will design and produce Reward Travel Vouchers to your specifications. An excellent way of saying thank you to a staff member for another year's loyal, good service. To be used for a variety of promotional activity - achieving targets etc., these vouchers are redeemable for holiday travel through our company and are not legal tender for paying accounts or redeemable for cash. Be it a new product launch or your annual sales conference, we will ensure that all your requirements are fully understood and met by the hotel's conference coordinator.

Some examples

We arranged a new product launch for a pharmaceutical company in the Comores, and their annual sales conference in Kenya, coordinating the group's arrival in Mombassa from five different departure points. We have organised a site visit for a tool company to Japan with three days' touring in Nagoya and then on to Thailand and the Changmai/Changrai Elephant Trail. We have also arranged various school sports and academic trips to tropical islands and Europe.

Senior Management Annual Holidays

More often than not, many of us are rudderless when it comes to going on holiday and we tend to drift back to the same old hotel or time-share in Umhlanga. Why not draw on our company's varied experience and put a little excitement and glamour back into your annual leave. Climb Kilimanjaro, go white water rafting in Bali, or go scuba diving in exotic island resorts.

The whole rationale behind this type of marketing is that the company providing these vouchers achieves a longer, more productive result than the application of a cash bonus, which is soon spent and forgotten. The memories of a good holiday are priceless.


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