Novel Dive and Travel's Tips for Travellers

General Travel Tips


Research each destination before traveling, so that you can know what aspects you want to get out of it. Make sure that you have enough time so that you can enjoy sites and places. Make use of Tour Guides in places where you do not speak the language, as you will get more out of your holiday being able to have a local give you information Check climates so that you can pack correct clothing. Good walking shoes are a must for any tours that include sight seeing


Make sure that your passport is valid at least six months after your return date. Apply for an International Driver's Licence if you are thinking of driving or hiring a car. Carry copies of your passport, air tickets and travelers cheques in case of theft. Keep these separate to the originals. If you have the facility - scan these and e-mail them to your e-mail account that you can access internationally.


Always check if visas are necessary for ALL destinations that you will be visiting and apply well in advance Check previous visas are still valid - ie. 10 year USA Visas If they are in previous passports, take these along


Always check what medical requirements are necessary BEFORE departure. Some vaccinations are required to be done at least two weeks before travel. Check that your vaccination card is still valid A medical card with your name, blood group, medical details and doctor's contact details can be laminated and carried with you.

Travel Insurance 

Everyone should take out some form of travel insurance before setting off on any trip outside the borders of their country. This should include sufficient medical cover and general insurance for liability and luggage. Credit card payments for air tickets do NOT offer sufficient cover - so check with your travel agent or credit card company about upgrading. Some medical aid schemes also offer international cover, but it is not automatic, so check with them and make sure that you are properly covered. If you are, get a letter stating that you are covered for the dates of your trip as well as the amount of cover. Also get international contact numbers in the case of an emergency.


Make sure that your luggage is marked with a clear label with your home address. It is adviseable to have a label inside as well in case the outer label gets ripped off. Make sure that your case is securely locked as we.. The best options is to have all check-in luggage plastic wrapped


Arrange your travellers cheques and credit cards with your bank before you leave. It is good to have some cash of the first country you are visiting for tips etc. as you may arrive outside banking hours Do not exchange money at unauthorised 'dealers' or on local black markets and NEVER display what cash you are carrying

Travel Tips check list.

  1. Carry a pocket size dry mack for the odd downpour likely to catch you unawares.
  2. One pair of good Rocky type or canvas hiking sandals that hold your feet firmly.
  3. Take an extra pair of spectacles or at least a copy of your prescription.
  4. For those of you on any chronic medication ensure an adequate supply for the trip as well as a certified copy of the prescription of medication in its generic form as different countries have different brand names for the same product.
  5. Electric socket plug adapter.
  6. Black ink ball pen.
  7. Concentrated washing soap in tube or small box of detergent well sealed in a tupperware type container or Ziplock bag.
  8. Wet-wipes in pocket size form and a few pocket size tissue packs.
  9. Insect / mosquito repellant like Tabard / Peaceful Sleep.
  10. Sun tan cream with 30 Factor protection for face, etc.
  11. Dental floss.
  12. Pack some thread and a needle for the odd repair/ button.
  13. An emergency medical kit. My minimum suggestion would be:
    • Valoid for nausea
    • Headache pills
    • Anti-allergy pills
    • Plasters
    • Eye drops
    • Eno sachets
    • Imodium for running tummy.
  14. Check out the local cost of any specific item you may want to purchase as well as its model number. In many instances you will find some products are not worth buying overseas.
  15. Leave expensive watches and jewelry at home.
  16. A Beach towel

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